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Paper mills solution
From Raw material: to Final products: with production capacity:
Stock preparation line: Pulping line:  
Raw material: Production capacity:  
Paper machine
Tissue machine: Board machine: Culture paper machine: Special paper machine:
Forming Crescent: Fourdrinier: Cylinder mould: Other:
Grammage range : gsm          
Working speed: m/min:   Deckle mm  
Calender: Supper Calender:        
Other more requirements:
Slitting rewinder:
Paper converting
1 Tissue paper converting line:
1.1 Toilet roll production line:
1.2 Facial tissue production line:
1.3 Handkerchief production line:
1.4 Napkin production line:
1.5 Towel / Kitchen production line:
2 Paper core production line:
3 Corrugated board production line:
4 Sheet cutter line:
5 Copier paper production line:
Environment protect
Kind of the wastewater:
Raw water CODcr BOD5 TSS FAT&oil
Target CODcr BOD5 TSS FAT&oil
Other kind of environment protect needed, please detailed description
Auxiliary Equipment
Please detailed description of your needed
If have any more needed, also can be send email to info@wfidol.com , let us provide the solution.

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