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1 Bale breaker (bulk screening)

Weifang IDOL Technology Co., Ltd. is a “B&R constructor” (The belt and road constructor) machinery company, dedicated to total solution with industrial new project equipment and mills service for paper mills, pulp plant and ceramic fiber production mills. Company is located in Advanced Business Park of Weifang (Kite capital of the world). Own five machinery manufacturing bases site on Zibo city, Binzhou city, also have three technical and service office site on Guangzhou city, Tianjin city and Changsha city. 

Customer’s success is our constant purpose.

IDOL Technology won’t only supply machinery itself, the workable machinery with complete professional technical service is our products.
Planning, engineering, develop, process, manufacture machinery, process automation, delivery, installation, commissioning, training and after service all will be offer you reliable service.

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