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Product name:Stock tower (chest)
High concentration bleaching tower composed
1. the tower body
2.tail bucket
3.discharge screw
4.transmission and other components
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Function introduction of the high-concentration bleaching towe 

High-concentration bleach tower is a device for the hydrogen peroxide bleaching reaction of high-consistency pulp(28% ~ 32%) of groundwood pulp and other pulp.

High-concentration bleach tower is a high-concentration pulp bleaching reactor, the device is mainly used for high-concentration hydrogen peroxide bleaching. Pulp from the top of the tower into the bleaching tower, stay in the tower for a certain period, the discharge from the bottom of the tower. High-concentrated hydrogen peroxide bleaching compared with the middle concentrated hydrogen peroxide bleaching, it  more effectively improve the whiteness of the pulp, saving hydrogen peroxide consumption, reducing the cost of the pulp bleaching

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