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Product name:15 Disc thickener
15 Disc thickener
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Gravity disc thickener is mainly used for washing and concentrating low-concentration pulp for pulping and paper making industry.
It works in this way: gravity dewatering by water level difference between pulp level outside disk filter and white water level inside dick; after pulp with concentration of 0.8-1.2% entering into pulp tank, it does not absorb on sector plate, white water in the plate will flow from headrace to both sides of hollow shaft and is discharged out of wall board.
Pulpon the plate will be dropped by high-pressure water washing, when liquid level of pulp is higher than flashboard of control valve, it will overflow to pulp tank and be discharged with pulp concentration of nearly 3-6%and pulp concentration and production capacity can be regulated by rotation speed of main axis.

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