Product name: Cleaner
1.Effectively remove the light impurities in various slurry.
2.Removal of free or light air from the slurry;
3.Light impurities can be separated at high slurry concentration.
4.Single production capacity is large£¨Less use
5.Progress steadily£¨reliable£¨economics
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Function Introduction

The Cleaner is mainly used to remove light impurities in the pulp, especially in the secondary fibers of light impurities, such as plastic sheets, hot melt, wax, adhesive, ink spots and other impurities. In addition,  removing the pulp free Or mildly combined air, is currently the largest single-capable production of high-efficiency light Cleaner.

The high efficiency of the deslagging device comes from its unique design. During the downward spiral movement of the pulp, the fiber is thrown to the inner wall of the cone body for the centrifugal force ,and the good pulp is  discharged from the exit while the light impurities are sent to the center of the cone Body,discharged through the light slag pipe from the bottom of the cleaner