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Toothed Deflaker is used for fiberizing broke pulp£¬waster paper pulp£¬ect.

Deflaker for the paper industry pulp system pulp broke, waste paper, pulp and other pulp by the hydraulic pulper after the ease of equipment.

Deflaker using high-speed rotation of the force generated with a large number of teeth, when the pulp through the moving plate and the static repeatedly between the impact of the fiber scattered dispersion. Due to the proper clearance between the moving and the moving discs, the fibers are only simply dispersed without damaging the fibers, and are particularly advantageous as the defiberizing agent of the short fiber pulp and the secondary fibers. The utility model is widely used in the waste paper flow process, and the physical properties of the paper are obviously improved . The beating degree in beating is basically the same (but the degree of beating value of the original pulp will be reached after the slurry is dispersed), the degree of hydration increases and the wet weight decreases, which is in favor of the speed increase of the paper machine.