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Technical introduction 

Industrial waste water refers to the waste water and waste liquid generated in the industrial production process, which contains the industrial production materials, intermediate products, by-products and the pollutants generated in the production process with the loss of water. Has a complex and changeable water quality, high degree of pollution. Environmental protection against the source and characteristics of industrial wastewater, flexible use of cost-effective treatment process to address the different needs of the owners, the service covers pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, chemical, food processing and other industries wastewater treatment engineering consulting, design, equipment manufacturing, supply and installation, EPC project total package.

For the high degree of industrial wastewater pollution, water quality characteristics of complex, rational use of targeted treatment technology to meet the different needs of wastewater treatment.

1) Physicochemical Technology: Including flocculation clarification, high efficiency micro-electrolysis, air flotation, combined filtration and so on

Technical highlights: easy operation and maintenance, suitable for wastewater pretreatment

2) biochemical technology

Anaerobic biochemical technology: including hydrolysis acidification, UASB reactor, IC reactor and so on

Aerobic biochemical technology: Including activated sludge, biological contact oxidation technology

Technical highlights: low operating costs, high pollutant removal rate, suitable for wastewater treatment intermediate links.

3) advanced oxidation technology: including chemical Fenton technology, ozone co-oxidation technology, electrochemical technology

Technical Highlights: Efficient reaction, suitable for back-end labeling of wastewater.